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Powering The Future of Collaborative Work

Your Third Space in the Cloud

Become the AI expert in your corporation with our team of elite professionals

So, what is a CoLab?

Dive into the dynamic world of AI with our one-day intensive CoLab program, designed to provide a comprehensive experience of the current state of play in AI. This program begins with a focused 90-minutes that addresses the uncertainty about the emergent AI landscape. Participants will explore both the opportunities and risks associated with AI, setting the stage for a deep dive into the complexities and nuances of this fast-evolving field. 

Our expert facilitators guide you through the myriad perspectives to build a foundational understanding that spans technologies and their potential impacts. As the day progresses, we shift towards a meticulously crafted, detailed examination of cutting-edge developments. Participants engage in immersive, interactive sessions that illuminate the potential of AI within various industries.

The emphasis here is on informed decision-making, equipping the knowledge to identify and evaluate how AI can be leveraged within organizations for maximum benefit. Through real-world examples and case studies, we demystify the process of integrating AI into business operations, offering a practical perspective that marries theory with application.


The climax culminates in a tailored session, uniquely designed for our client's business. This bespoke component ensures that the insights and learning are directly applicable to your specific business context. By analyzing your company's current position and future aspirations, our experts help you carve out a strategic advantage by staying ahead of the AI curve. 

We prepare your team for the transformative changes that AI promises. Our one-day intensive CoLab is an unparalleled opportunity to harness the power of AI, steering your business towards augmentation and automation for a competitive edge in the digital era.

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Why Next CoLabs?

At Next CoLabs, we bring human-centric, AI-powered transformation to the knowledge economy through deep collaboration. We are reinventing innovation and excel at integrating advanced exponential technologies with a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team. Our approach goes beyond strategy to next-level execution; we actively reshape mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets for the disruption of the AI era.


Prepare for collaborative intelligence unleashed. Our pioneering service combines a variety of AI tools to enhance human productivity and revenue growth opportunities. Experience the real-time internet via AI-augmented sessions that blend the best of human insight with the scale and scope of advanced AI capabilities.


We are here to help in the transition. Exciting times ahead and we’re eager to make it happen. Bring your curiosity and challenges to us, and together with AI, we'll discover groundbreaking solutions that elevate your business.

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